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as a lead blocker. he has not carried the ball or a pass thrown to him but when florida needs to run the football, he has been an outstanding lead blocker. >> brad: 250-pounder out of wesley chapel, florida. on the ground again. positive yardage again. i guess when will muschamp told holly going into the locker room at halftime, we can run on anybody because we feel like we have run on better defenses this year, right now, when they need it, they are grinding out chunks. 15 yards on that one. >> todd: this is very similar to what they did against lsu earlier in the year. another great defense. they ran the ball 58 times in that game and they only threw 13 passes. and in the second half, they wore down the lsu defense. that is what it looks like they are doing tonight as well. >> brad: this team will be on its way back to gainesville when notre dame and usc are playing. as far as watching that game as a team, that's pretty doubtful, but i'm sure they will watch what they can when they get back home. 2:30 remaining here as we check in with robert flores. >> here is an all-american play
america. >>> a plane headed to north carolina forced to make an emergency landing in florida. we'll tell you what the problem in the sky was, also, when in rome, there is one thing tourists are no longer allowed to do. here's a hint: don't come hungry if you are going there. what? ♪ with verizon. hurry in this saturday and sunday for great deals. likehe lucid by lg, free. or the galaxy nexus by samsung, free. this weekend, get the best deals on the best devices on the best network. exclusively at verizon. [ male announcer ] it's that time of year again. medicare open enrollment. time to compare plans and costs. you don't have to make changes. but it never hurts to see if you can find better coverage, save money, or both. and check out the preventive benefits you get after the health care law. ♪ open enrollment ends dember 7th. so now's the time. visit or call 1-800-medicare. >> harris: bird strike, forcing a plane to make an emergency landing in florida, the u.s. airways flight was headed to charlotte, north carolina from key west when the birds hit them. plane was diverted
how much access. >> you find a guy who says -- >> jill kelley from tampa, florida -- >> our journalist is priorities are out of whack and did david petraeus get unusual treatment from the veterans he cultivated. >>> some ignorant teenagers wrote horrible things about president obama on twitter, messages that were exposed by the website jezebel. but did they go too far in trying to get these students punished. >>> plus bill o'reilly called him one of the biggest race baiters in the media. kuhnen very sags with eric degreens. i'm howard kurtz and this is "reliable sources."gans. i'm howard kurtz and this is "reliable sources." >>> the president of the united states and. automatically takes effect in just of o every a month if they can't face an agreement. the health of the american economy and maybe if it goes down to the wire the fiscal cliff story will receive 1/10 theed my ya attention as the scandalous saga of dave and paula and john and jill. joining us now here the washington is jane hall. bob cusack, managing editor of the capital nooup the hill. and amy argetsinger. why has it be
.una ola de indocumentados llegan en balsa al sur de la florida. >>ya esta en cárcel de estados unidos uno de los más buscados por el fbi josé luis s aenz, un conocido pandillero fue extraditado a los Ángeles. >>en venezuela el caso maría lourdes afioni, habria sido violada estando en prision. >>en un libro la jueza relata su historia >>de nuevo en el ojo del huracán el caso de a juez afioni, su proceso toma auge con la públicacion de un libro, donde revela haber sido abusada y violada en la cárcel. >>sintio la necesidad de soltar ese sentimiento >>fue detenida en 2009 por más de un año estuvo en una cárcel de mujeres, describe en el libro las duras medidas, a raiz de la violacion quedo embarazada y tuvo un aborto >>mi hermana es muy valiente por haberlo contado. >>desde febrero afiuni se encuentra en su casa que tienen por cárcel. >>en 2009 durante una cadena de television hugo chávez la acuso de ser bandida por liberar a un banquero que huyo del país. >>pido 30 años de prision. >>la jueza otorgo una medida de libertad vigilada, desde entonces empezó su calvario >>el caso d
becomes the president at least in part because of the ballot design in florida and the weather in the florida panhandle so i can't think of anything more random than the weather in florida so random facts obviously have an impact. if you run history a million times those random events make different people when, different likelihoods of winning. if you could run that election a million times you get george w. bush 400,000 times and al gore 400,000 times in and john mccain 400,000 times. people who are at the center of the distribution, people who are really likely to win, people who live in thoroughly tilted by the process, from another way i describe it is filtered, they have a lot in common with each other. but if you can get power, by bypassing the process and if something happens of the leader filtration process isn't able to thoroughly evaluate you and in the evaluation process recognize you are not what it's looking for forward ever reason, and stops you from getting powered, then those people i call them unfiltered can be on the extreme of the distribution of people who
shopper couldn't wait in line. so now she could do some time. police in florida arrested a woman at a walmart store after she repeatedly tried to cut the check-out line on one of the biggest shopping days of the year. after she was repeatedly warned to not cut in line the 28-year-old began screaming and throwing items on the floor. and that is when police escorted her out, put her in handcuffs. she now faces charges of disorderly conduct and resisting an officer. we want to update you that on the score for the san jose spartans. they took the game. >> and he, you can hear the sound from spartans stadium. 52-43. ten-win season. >> amazing indeed. we want to thank you for joining us tonight on nbc bay area news at 11:00. "saturday night live" is coming up next. and we will see you back here tomorrow. rob will be up with you at 7:00 a.m. >> announcer: and now it's "live with kelly ripa and michael strahan." >> hi. good morning, everyone. hi. >> it is such a nice morning. it's just so, so gorgeous. >> it's been two weeks and i just have to say i love my new co-host michael strahan. >
. a controversial statement by a rising star in the republican party grabbed headlines this week. florida senator marco rubio who is a practicing catholic tried to walk the line between science and faith-based creationism. here's what he told gq. at the end of the day i think there are multiple theories and this i think this is what people should teach them all. i'm not sure we'll ever be able to answer that. this weekend i asked famed television scientist bill nye how old he thinks the earth is? >> 4 1/2, 4.5, 4 billion years old. so there are certain elements that were created in exploding stars, especially the big bang, and we rely on those elements for our everyday life in order to have the quality of life we have. but the idea is certain elements change from one element to another. the verb is they transmute and the classic is our good friend australian thee yum becomes row bit yum. and you can look at this ratio. the half lisle is 48.8 billion years. this is measured in laboratories. sometimes they will observe it for 15 years to get it exactly right. then you work backward to the age of th
three people after their yacht caught fire off the coast of florida. it is on the 80-foot yacht bliss off the coast of miami beach. the clouds of smoke could be seen from shore. >> we saw all the smoke and the ships racing towards it at a high rate of speed. >> three people jumped into the sea and were rescued. the owner of the yacht is now trying to make arrangements to have it towed to shore. >>> they want to ban native american mascots at public schools. this has been going on for years. they use a reference to native americans with the mascots and commission members say they have been linked to harassment and stereotyping of native american students. >>> there is is a football game and they will kick off against the ucla bruins. and sanford had no trouble clinching the division beating ucla down teleat the rose bowl. >> he rushed for 142. it is the ninth time he ran for more than 100 yards in a game. you can watch the pac-12 championship game friday night. >>> a dream season for the spartans continues in the nationally televised game. beat louisiana tech and the quarterback david
belize neighbor, a florida contractor named greg fall was found dead inside of his oceanfront home. police want to talk to mcafee but he has disappeared. he's been talking to reporters, though, by telephone insisting that he is an innocent man and that police in belize are out to get him. so with all that said, let's bring in jorge aldana, the senior reporter with the "san padros" newspaper. thank you for joining us. >> good night. always a pleasure. i'm glad to hear from you again. >> thank you. let me ask you this -- what is new in this investigation? >> well, not much has changed, martin. police are saying that the only piece of information that have changed is that they have exhumed the remains of mcafee's dogs. and what they are trying to do, according to the police officer, mr. rafael martinez, who spoke to me about the case on wednesday afternoon, he's saying that the reason they exhumed the remains of the dogs was because they wanted to see if the bullets that, according to mcafee, he shot his dogs. so they wanted to see if the slugs on the dogs' head matches that of the on
are not bowl-eligible. >>> sixth-ranked florida state gators score the 24 straight points in the 4th. mike gillisee running up through the seminoles for the go-ahead touchdown. 23-20. gillisee ran for 14 yards and two touchdowns. 10th-ranks florida state keeps running over defenders. matt jones scores from 22 yards. gators improve to 11-1 with the win over fsu. >>> clemson tiger fan had a hair-raising experience. the gamecocks beat 12th-rank tigers between back- up quarterback thompson's passes. steve spurrier becomes south carolina's winningest coach. >>> oklahoma quarterback landry jones threw for 500 yearses today against oklahoma state, but the sooners need this touchdown by blake bell with 4 seconds left in regulation to force overtime for the first time in this long rivalry. the sooners come back and win it with an 18-yard touchdown brandon clay. sooners win the bedlam bowl for the 83rd time in 107 meetings. >>> the warriors didn't have much time to ponder the embarrassing loss in denver. tonight they were back home to host minnesota. they trailed the timberwolves. lee turns that int
bobby, who worked with democrats to put together a state wide scholarship bill. in florida, they had the scholarship program, for kids to get scholarships to go to private schools, when that was passed 10 years ago, we had one member of the black caucus vote for it. when it came up for renewal, we have the majority of black and hispanic caucus vote for it. each of them said we are doing this because it is helping our children. as we move forward, that has got to beat the order of the day for our country. thank you all very much. i appreciate your generosity. i want to take some questions before we have to wrap up. thank you. [applause] >> thank you very much. i appreciate what you are doing. in california, we have not adopted as much, doctors and twice as you have seen in washington d.c. when we introduce choice, the public schools, the bar will rise because they have to keep up with the charter schools. is that a belief you experienced in washington d.c.? what happened to the public schools and how they performed when that 42% to place? >> it makes a difference. i do not think you c
. >> alisyn: a florida woman goes on a joyride on the back of a manatee and now is under arrest and she turned herself in when pictures of the stunt surfaced online and claims she was new to the area and did not realize it was illegal to touch the manatees, and the state attorney general is charging her with violating the manatee sanctuary act. >> clayton: oh, the humanity. >> dave: man. i didn't see that coming. and let's talk about sports, please, right? and they started the season unranked and after 12 perfect games, notre dame is going to their first title game since 1988. how long ago is that? well, no current notre dame player was even born in 1988. that is that make you feel old, guys? irish taking on the trojans of sc, first quarter, riddic, he's a man. he's not 40, but's he a man. 146 yards in the game and that score, irish up 9. usc won't go quietly, the first start. freshman q.b. max wittek in for woods and the pass interference call, and notre dame would not cave and make a goal line stand, punching their ticket to miami. 22-13 notre dame, and first national title game. speaking of
con oscar de la haya. >>> reciÉn llegado al centro de florida junto a su esposa y sus hijos hÉctor "el macho" camacho comienzo el entretenimiento en el centro deportivo en orlando, 1995 (hablan inglÉs) normalmente escuchamos mÚsica hip hop pero cuando hÉctor llego al gimnasio de pronto estÁbamos escuchando salsa a Él le gustaba la mÚsica latina y asÍ Él entre nab y estaba en paz. >>> la noticias de de la llegada de hÉctor "el macho" camacho se con corriÓ rÁpido, renÉ recuerda como llegaban las personas para verlo en acciÓn, la relaciones de ellos siguiÓ creciendo en ocasiones vivieron junto durante tra los entretenimiento. >>> me siento triste quisiera que eso nunca le haya pasado a Él, lo Único que puedo hacer es usar la experiencia para otros atletas que despuÉs de hayas dedicado toda la vida para lograr algo tienes que tener cuidado adonde vas y con quiÉn vas. >>>. >>> cabe decir que el consejo mundial del boxeo le estÁ preparando un homenaje al boxeador. >>> una mujer fue encontrada muerta en el interior de un departamento en oakland, la policÍa encont revelÓ l
of year when i start to get really jealous, the nick pictures that come in from venice florida. thank you, linda, for that. a waxi ining gibbous moon. that's a beautiful shot from chicago. please find me on twitter. coming up, it's a big travel day and i'll have all of the weattr weather forecast. >>> this next story has the potential of ending in tragedy a terrified 2-year-old boy plunged 20 feet down an old laundry chute at his own home. >> the boy was rescued by firefighters and alex is back with this story. >> lot to be thankful at the ledger household this thanksgiving. the day was beginning when the 2-year-old suddenly disappeared and then the screams began coming out of the wall. 2-year-old didn't just fit, he fell nearly 20 feet down this old launldry chute on thanksgiving morning. >> i was laying in bed and all of a sudden, there was this thump and blood-curling screams coming from j in the else. >> reporter: somewhere turned out to be behind this wall. >> i pumped the wall so i could at least hold his hand and comfort him. >> reporter: his dad fractured his wrist. thankfully onl
for 2016, you see the two directions in the party. there's people like rubio down in florida who's talking about the seven days of creation again. and then you've got on the other end of the world, you've got chris christie talking about how many days it's going to take us to clean up this mess from sandy. one's living in the secular real world. one's off in that theological, ideological ethereal world that the right likes to get into. joy, you're shaking your head. they haven't decided whether to go sky high into ideology with the old testament or to try to become a more modern party yet. >> i think you picked the right person to focus on, rubio, because he seems to be at the crossroads. there's three wings the party. the evangelical right, the business wing of the party, and then you've got the sort of joe the plumber wing which is the tea party. now they all sort of rushed into the void created by the economic recession with the business wing deciding they wanted one of their own to be president, mitt romney, with the evangelicals deciding to legislate on morals, contraception and abort
the country as well as more cool weather. florida is the sunny exception. as more cool weather. florida is the sunny exception. ,,,,,,,,,,e going shopping. >> osgood: so what's in store for shoppers this holiday season? lots and lots of choices for one thing. including a choice of what sort of store you'd like to buy from. and these days one type of store in particular is struggling to hold its own. our sunday morning cover story is reported now by anna warner. >> reporter: it's the season for buying. this holiday season's sales are expected to ring in at nearly $600 billion as shoppers flood on-line giants like amazon, discount stores like costco and big box stores like wal-mart. lost in the shopping shuffle the venerable department store. >> yes, i know just what you want. >> reporter: it's a far cry from the days of miracle on 34th street when shoppers flocked to department stores for almost all their holiday needs. >> i'll tell you one thing. from now on, i'm going to be a regular macy customer. >> the department store was an emporium, a place that basically carried everything for e
of the nets and the soon-to-be south florida office park has something crucially important in common -- millions of dollars used for construction came from wealthy foreigners, like venezuela immigrant. >> there are two truths. they are looking for a place of safe harbor to preserve their wealth and a land of opportunity to the next generation. america is that place. >> reporter: for this man and thousands of others, it is possible under the u.s. state department's ebefore 5 visa program. >> this is a hot topic. >> reporter: miami beach's chamber of commerce held this well-attended seminar. >> they have to be projects that are going to create jobs. >> rich, foreign immigrant who is invest up to $1 million and create at least 10 jobs in the united states are fast-tracked to a permanent u.s. green card. >> they are eb5 projects. >> reporter: the immigration attorney facilitates wealthy foreigners with jobs projects, nationwide. >> the immigrant gets the benefit. the united states gets the benefit of employment creation. we need jobs. and this capital, this foreign capital creates employ
have signed a petition to secede from the united states. our next call comes from michael and florida. he welcome to the program. are you there? >> i agree with paul. i think we should cut washington and send them adrift. >> what made you want to sign the petition? do really think that could happen? >> i think it can and i think it would be a good thing. we would not be tied up in all of the bureaucratic nonsense. >> would you see florida as becoming its own country? or maybe grouping with other states? >> the latter. host: we had a war over that. caller: we won. host: which way would that be? mike, you still there? we had a war over that and did not turn out too well for the guys trying to secede. be ok thishink it'll time. professor? guest: it is interesting that the states got to get there, and the mind -- may not be contiguous. it might be florida and texas would form the new union. that would be some problem. you have to lobby to get them. i think that your new country would eventually become -- you would get frustrated with the government of your new country. i think what is hap
will continue to monitor conditions at s f o and we will be back. the minute this morning authorities in florida who have been seeing that this computer investigator missed a 2008 search for suffocation methods. it is not known who did the search but it was done i and a computer primarily done for the little girl's mother. she was acquitted. the lawyers argue that the toddler ground in the family pool. and casey anthony's father helped cover it up. >> the c h p that the fatality from that crash and palo alto was not wearing a seat belt. this is video from high-definition. she had succumbed to her injured at stanford hospital their work family pet or kill...the chpold nisha tindel was killed from that terrible tragedy. >> also to there was small business saturday. presiden20 year-old shital tindl and then if family was shopping for wedding gifts. she was going to go to a wedding in india. there are two people that are still in critical condition. the two year-o 12 year-old girl and the 20 year-old are not wearing seat belts. >> there is already buzz about oscars. >> this live look outside. we hav
with senator bill nelson from florida, and we crafted a compromise that allowed commercial crew vehicles go forward but not at the expense of the next generation of space flight. and you saw an excitement in space. >> touchdown, confirmed. we're safe on mars! >> for the first time in years when that rover landed on mars at precisely the place it was supposed to land after being in the air for six months and i thought, yes, we've done something that is really important in the big sense. >> what weill you most miss. let's say you like many of your colleagues and you'll miss them, but what about the place will you miss? >> the chance to affect public policy in ways that are important to me. that's the reason i do this. i will say i think the public vastly underestimates the legitimacy of the motives of the people who are here. >> that's correct. >> and the major motivating factor is what we think is -- i have some strong views about how to make this country, which is both fairer and at the same time productive and efficient, and i will miss the chance to wake up and hear something and say, gee
the really nice pictures that come in from venice, florida. the sunset, how about that picture. thank you, linda, for that. and the next photo, i promised you, a waxing gibbous moon. the meteorologist out there helped me out with that because i'm not the astronomy major by any means. but that's a beautiful shot. david always finds beautiful pictures. please find me on twitter. and send me your photos. coming up, it's a big travel day and i'll have all of the travel weather forecast. >> how can you say you're jealous of the warm weather pictures? just yesterday you said you look forward to lake-effect snow. >> a weather omnivore. >> i like them all. >> a new day, a new ginger. >>> this next story has the potential of ending in tragedy, a terrified 2-year-old boy plunged 20 feet down an old laundry chute at his house. >> but you can see from that picture that the ending was happy. the boy was rescued by firefighters and also by his quick-thinking father who punched a hole in the wall. and alex is back with this story. >> hey, guy, wait till you see this. a lot to be thankful at the leger ho
maine to florida, millions of people are heading home as the thanksgiving holiday is wrapping up. today is usually one of the busiest travel days of the year, but so far it has been surprisingly quiet. cnn national correspondent suzanne candiotti is in new york hanging out with a few travellers this morning. suzanne, good morning to you. so i guess it's still pretty early in the day, but it should probably get pretty busy there later on. >> oh, it probably will pick up, but the best news of the day at this hour, anyway, is that there are virtually no backups to check in and no lines at security. there was a little flurry of activity earlier this morning, but now it's practically dead. this is the best time to fly on this busy, busy holiday weekend. of course, it is expected to pick up as the day goes on, but some of the things that are working in new york's favor, the weather is good here, and weather across the country generally is good too. nevertheless, they still want people to check in at least an hour and a half ahead of time because they do expect things to change as the day goes
prove this stuff so a reporter from florida newspaper hid out in the bushes in southwest washington and saw his girlfriend come in late at night and leave early the next morning. it was not hard for him to guess that she was not probably cleaning the floors or cooking an all-night dinner, and so, you know, you don't challenge the media. you don't pretend to be something you aren't. >> host: political science professor stephen frantzich, recent book "oops: observing our politicians stumble," dr. frantzich, how many books have you written, and what are the topics? >> guest: 17 original books, second editions then it's 27, but you can lie with statistics. all academics do their time in the trenches of doing academic books. i've done textbooks. last five or six books have been more fun kinds of books. one prior to this it was "honored guest" profiling the people presidents mentioned in state of the union message. today, we're used to a president using someone as an example. that was not done until ronald reagan did it for the first, you know, first time, and ever president since that us
on the florida senate in the 1850s santa fe southern confederacy was to be for now, it was ready to accept the presidency of it in 1850. the north and the other hand was nowhere to be ready to go to war and indeed the north still dominated by the conservative wing of the democratic party alliance largely with the south. in other words, the north would not have fought the war were certainly would've thought the same or. secession would probably have succeeded in the consequences of that, not only for american history, but the rest of the world could've been quite tragic. >> was the floor of congress like in 1850? >> it was tumultuous, chaotic, and tends. the debate in congress was like the world series today. of course there was no sports culture and the mid-19th century. politics is the great american sport. americans came from all over the country to attend debates, especially when the great titans like henry clay and daniel webster and john c. calhoun and others were debating. but imagine a much smaller set of chamber crowded re-theme of cigar smoke, smelling of gas from gas lamps, carpe
to the arrest of top members of a radical islamic sect. >> heather: shocking admission from a florida sheriff. case kaylee's anthony's death, her mother was acquitted. they say they overlooked a crucial clue. it was made from the 2-year-old's home the last day she was seen alive. it's not clear who performed the search. tv station it was done a browser used by casey anthony. >> gregg: let's go across the pond down towards triggering widespread flooding in england. roads and railways in the southbeen part of the company and 32 people have died in the storms. british prime minister promising help as heavy rain and wind leave thousands without electricity. >> we're talking about more storms expected to impact that area right around england. we could be looking at more devastating floods. our heart goes out to those people. in our country significant storms coming up in the next couple of days. for today, the weather pattern is pretty quiet out across the lower 48. we do have some lake effect snow and significant accumulations as specifically in plateau where a foot of snow will be possible throu
and then we expect right now. host: the next caller is keith in florida. we lost him. let's go to carl. are you with us? you are on the air. caller: you called my name wrong. i was not sure you were talking to me. howard. the question i have is the drone of attacks over the countries where we are, they have taken care of the target. there will be consequences. the law and order situation in that case. pakistan has become economically crippled. we cannot bear defenses based on the arms. you have to look at the root cause. we keep supporting corrupt governments as long as they support our cause. then they leave and the people of the country face the consequences. we keep treating the symptoms and never go to the root cause of the disease. guest: they are so effective tactically. the commander on the ground who sees what it does to protect our soldiers. it is hard not to want to keep using the system. strategically, it can be a disaster. it can create more enemies for us. it creates hardened external governments have do not want to do business with us. i think that is the issue. we cannot
Search Results 0 to 29 of about 30 (some duplicates have been removed)